Triathlon - Supporting Bone Marrow Transplant Research

I never thought I would do it. Heck, I never thought I COULD do it. I’ve always called myself a swimmer. Period. Well, until I decided to try skiing. Then I became a swimmer/skier. Because that is SO common… But now I’ve really done it. I have decided to do the Silicon Valley International Triathlon April 19, 2015, and to compete in honor of Ezra Fineman.

This is my friend Ezra ( Ezra's mom is one of my best friends from college and is a very distant cousin. He has a primary immune deficiency called Hyper IgM Syndrome (his own B-cells make only IgM) so he can’t fight most infections. Ezra has had TWO bone marrow transplants. The first (May 2012) was a failure, and the second (August 2013) seems to be holding. He just hit a major milestone: Ezra had his first haircut (at age 5 1/2), which is pretty impressive, as he was a bald baby and has had those two BMTs. Watching him deal with the pain, his fluctuating cell counts, and especially side-effects from the meds he has to take, is so difficult. He’s a trooper, though!

Hopefully he will be able to go to school and to be with other kids, once his new immune system is strong enough. Hopefully, one day he will complete a triathlon himself. For now, he will have to learn at home and go on an occasional bike ride when he feels up to it.

To honor Ezra, and to raise money for research on bone marrow transplant and post-transplant advances, I have decided to join with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through its Team in Training (TNT) program.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The fundraising page is at

Any amount would be greatly appreciated - by me and by all the people hoping for a cure.

(And to all those who asked, it’s an Olympic distance triathlon: 0.93mi (1.5km) Swim, 24.8mi (40km) Bike, and 6.2mi (10km) Run. Crazy.